Concrete Protection

Concrete protection

DCS' concrete protection is a special kind of material that is used for the protection of concrete against gasses that are harmful to the concrete. One side of the concrete protection is curly, which makes it perfect for the poured concrete to attach itself to this material. The 'smooth' side of the material will be on the inside of the tank.

Technical Specifications

- Construction type: Coated Loop Pile Fabric
- Raw material (fabric + coating): PP
- Color: Black
- Overall width: 2.05 m.
- Width loop area: 1.98 m.
- Weight/m²: 2320 g/m²
- Thickness: 2 mm
- Length: approx. 120 m.

Remarks rolls

- Rolled edge on edge
- With card board tubes of 2.15 cm
- Rolls must be stored horizontal on a flat and dry surface at a temperature of 0-40⁰ C
- During storage direct sunlight has to be avoided

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