Floating Covers

Floating Cover

Dutch Cover Solutions B.V. offers a sustainable, cost-effective and worry-free system, that can
ensure you an oder-free zone. The cover is easy to install and has already proven its worth for

Building kit for self-installation

Prefabricated parts for floating cover made of high quality materials.

- High mechanical resistance due to reinforced foil (TenCate Nicolon® Flex800).
- High chemical resistance due to PP raw material.
- No aging process due to highly weatherresistant raw materials.
- Sustainable materials used.
- Prefabricated cover for your own installation.

Complete with

- Floaters
- Degassing pipe
- Hooks for fastening
- 10 years warranty on TenCate Nicolon® Foil
- Ventilation
- Belts for fastening
- Mixed gaps

Technical details

- The cover is prefabricated from 800 gr / m2 HSPO foil.
- Dibt approved and KIWA tested.
- The cover is mounted around Ø 160 mm of fuel tubes.
- Underneath the cover, floaters with pipes are mounted for degassing.
- All materials have already been evaluated for decades.
- Depending on the size of the silo, all components are delivered on 2 or 3 pallets onsite.
- You can easily follow the instructions for mounting and installation.
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