Foil Lagoon/ Linings

Foil lagoon

The foil lagoon is designed for the storage of liquids such as manure, clean- and contaminated water. The lagoon will be dugged out and covered with a high-end bottom-seal. The excavated ground will be used to create dykes arround the lagoon. The depth of the lagoon depends upon the groundwater level. The system is available with an optional floating cover.

Technical data

- Volume possible for 100m3 till 20.000m3.

- The bottom-seal will be produced of 1mm. PVC . The floating cover will be conducted in reinforced PVC membrane 900gr/m212 wire extra enforced. Other types of membrane are also possible.

- Filling/ suction station Ø 250-160mm. Other versions are also available.

- The lagoon complies to the build technical guidlines manurelagoons

- Reference period 10 year.

- Warranty 10 years reducing.


- Lagoonmixer with controllable head.

- Nozzles for mixing (pumping).

- Mixshutters where the content of the basin can be mixed from the outside.

- Supply pipe on the dyke of the basin.

- Return pipe.

- Slope protection (it keeps the slopes free of weeds).

- Fence 1,8mtr high.


The lagoonmixer is conducted in a stainless steel frame for the protection of the floating cover. The mixer is equipped with a controllable head, which is operated from the dyke of the lagoon. The mixer will be mounted at the bottom and on top of the dyke to a concrete plate. The lagoonmixer is the perfect solution when you do not want to depend on third parties for your basin mixer. You can mix when it suits you best.

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