Neutralisation des odeurs


The MSE-501 is specially designed to neutralize odors caused by organic processes. With the aid of the AN-4933 holder in the outside air, this polymer makes sure that the bad odors don’t leave the area.


The AN4933 is an aluminum holder for the MSE-501 polymer odor plate. The typical application for the AN4933 is outdoor odor neutralization, such as composting installations, biogas plants, waste and sewage installations. It is a versatile holder which is easy to assemble:

-   Horizontally, using standard poles or similar supports.
-   Vertically, by using cables.
-   The container has 3 cassettes for placing the MSE-501 polymers.
-   The container can be sealed against theft by using the closing set.

Technical Specifications MSE 501

Size (l x w x h):
51 x 30 x 120 cm

3,15 kg

Aluminum; funnel shaped for optimum airflow. Weather and UV-resistant. Pre-drilled holes for horizontal and vertical attachment.
The technology of MSE-501 is a composition of natural essential oils, with a hint of lemon scent. The polymer has a lifetime of about 2-3 months.

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