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Over-/underpressure Valves

DCS is able to deliver the right solution for OUPV’s in every situation! For most situations, our two standard types of OUPV’s will be a perfect fit. For other situations, we also have very good alternatives to meet your requirements!
The biogas that is being produced inside your tank, has a certain pressure, measured in mBar. In standard situations, we take a pressure into account between -1,0 and +5,0 mBar. Our pressure valves make sure that the gas pressure inside your tank does not exceed the maximum pressure limit.
Our OUPV’s also have a very narrow flange connection (150 or 200 mm), which gives you the benefit of mounting the OUPV’s higher on your tank, so you can fill up your tank with slurry even higher!

Technical specifications and differences Over-/underpressure Valves:

  PRV 450 PRV 950
mBar Min -1 Min -2
Max +5 Max +10
Max. gas flow 450mÂł/h 950mÂł/h
Flange connection DN150 DN200
Should be filled with Water / glycol Water / glycol
Chimney 1 meter 1 meter
On request even higher
  Optional heated (see photo)

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